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Variable Data

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General - Supports Macintosh and Windows and uses any PostScript Printer to produce simple variable output

Design - With the ability to use any design application to create the variable content this solution will easily fit into your existing working patterns. As the creator you will be able to define the variable text elements of the document with automatic text fit to a predefined area, as well as variable images and signatures.

Database - Almost any database format can be used to present the variable data to be used on the final output. Conditions can be set so that during a campaign only certain recipients can be targeted dependent upon the content of the database.

Printing - Variable Information printing is done at the rated speed of the printer, but before that you have the opportunity to preview the output to see results before printing, to facilitate accuracy. Close links to the printer driver ensure that all finishing options can be utilised in any print job.


  • Create variable documents varying in text, images, barcodes, or entire layouts quickly and easily
  • Seamless fit into any existing print environment
  • Save on mailing costs and increase response rates
  • Add powerful conditions to document elements
  • No programming: intuitive, drag-and-drop interface
  • Embedded finishing commands for production efficiency
  • Available in multiple languages for Windows and Mac platform