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Variable Data



Any printer, PostScript or not! - PlanetPress Server allows you to print on any printer, whether they are PostScript compliant or not.

Visual representation of workflow -You can easily create automated processes with a step-by-step preview of the workflow.

Conditional routing and output - Business rules can be set based on the contents, name or size of the data file supplied to PlanetPress allowing you to fully automate a print run.

Output options - Data or digital documents can be sent over a LAN/WAN to Desktop, Multifunctional and/or Production printers.

Manage document distribution. - All documents created with PlanetPress Design can be sent to PlanetPress Server, where they can be triggered automatically to follow a particular business workflow according to the customers’ specifications and needs.

Cluster printing - Automatically distribute PlanetPress Design documents to clusters of printers. Perform queue balancing, round robin or job splitting for greater speed and efficiency.

Job splitter - Set rules to split single jobs into several data streams based on values or characters found in the data.

Reprints - Backup all print jobs for a user-defined period, allowing for reprints.


  • Major cost savings with the elimination of pre-printed stationary
  • Improved support by using the latest MFP technology instead of old dot matrix printers
  • Increase workflow efficiency by printing barcodes onto invoice and labels
  • Environmental benefits are achieved by reducing the space needed for filing of Green bar reports
  • Allows for easy management of distributed printing of transactional documents. 
  • Increases response rates and customer retention by document personalisation. 
  • Turns invoices into advertising vehicles.
  • Prints complex documents at high-speed.
  • Takes in data from most hosts including ODBC compliant databases and native XML.
  • Eliminates errors due to manual intervention.