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Variable Data



Design of personalised image templates - The Designer tool allows you to create your own images with unlimited design possibilities, easy handling and smooth workflows.

InDesign-based document solution included - You can create complex variable documents using Adobe InDesign. Personalised images generated with DirectSmile can also be used within all other available VDP software.

Scalable to all production volumes - DirectSmile software can be adapted to any production volume at any time by adding additional Production Servers.

Multiple output options, including e-mail and web - Input formats PPML and high-res PDF; Ready for all digital press and RIP technologies. You can also produce image personalised e-mails and websites.


  • New business opportunities with high-margin print products.
  • Ideal tool to increase response rates in direct mail through a uniquely personal approach.
  • Works in all VDP/digital printing environments, ready for fast production of highest print volumes.
  • No dependency on ASP services.
  • Simple start, comprehensive support incl. design and document creation support.