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Scan Workflow & Archive Retrieval

Unity Document Suite


  • Easy setup and installation
  • Compatible with many office document types and an extensive range of scan (electronic) formats
  • Enterprise-class PDF solution
  • Comprehensive PDF creation, editing and conversion functionality
  • Easy creation of writeable PDF forms, PDFportfolios, etc.
  • Quick merging of documents
  • by merging documents of any type simply by drag & drop
  • by combining electronic and paper documentsinto virtual binders
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automatic conversion of paper-based documents and PDFs into electronic documents that can be searched and edited while retaining their layout
  • Dedicated legal/healthcare/financial dictionariesfor scan recognition accuracy during conversion
  • Convenient document search by contents or keywords 
  • Automatic personalised conversion and scanning workflows
  • Panel integration on bESTOpenAPI capable bizhub models, using the dedicated Scan-to-Unity Connector or using Unity Document Suite directly from the MFP panel viaScan-to-SMB functionality


  • Enhanced flexibility from a software suite that covers the functionality of several applications which usually need to be purchased and installed separately
  • Increases work efficiency and performance with the fast conversion of documents into editable file formats and convenient combination of both electronic and paper documents into virtual binders
  • Enables integrated document management workflows that save time and money with the easy conversion of paper-based and PDF documents into editable file formats, the easy merging of documents of any type and their convenient electronic distribution
  • Accurate and reliable OCR minimises conversion errors
  • Facilitates the effective, reliable and secure collaboration among co-workers
  • Enhances user independence, providing personalisation and control of users’ own document management, conversion and distribution workflows
  • Maximises the value of the MFP investment