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Scan Workflow & Archive Retrieval

Document Navigator Essentials

As an easy and intuitive capturing solution, Document Navigator Essentials saves time, effort and money by automating daily work routines.


It retrieves documents from different sources, then processes and delivers them, requiring no manual intervention, in the preferred format and to the specified destination. By organising daily office routines with Document Navigator Essentials, users gain time for really important tasks.


Document Capture

  • MFP-embedded: Workflows start directly on the panel of the multifunctional bizhub device (MFP).
  • Limitation of scanning options: The administrator can assign scan settings to specific workflows
  • Windows folder structure: Documents are captured from predefined Windows folders.
  • Secured access: It is possible to restrict access to Document Navigator Essentials from the bizhub device only to users who authenticate with their Windows or Active Directory details.

Document Processing

  • Reliable OCR text recognition
  • Popular file formats: Word, Excel, PDF, sPDF, JPEG, TIFF, XML, PDF/A.
  • Barcode recognition.
  • Zone recognition: This enables recognition according to predefined zones.
  • Image improvement: Empty pages are automatically detected and deleted.

Document distribution

  • Network location: Scanned documents are delivered directly into desired network folders, can be stored in several systems, including SharePoint, SharePoint Online (Office 365), Google Drive, Telekom Cloud, Digital Cabinet, Evernote, and others. Even an XML generator is provided, ensuring support of most electronic systems.
  • E-mail address: The forwarding of digital documents to any internal or external e-mail address is easy