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Printing for the Legal Sector

The legal sector has its own unique challenges. Highly-sensitive documents trade hands on a daily basis. Contracts, wills and deeds are just a few examples. The industry places great importance on efficiency. Our mission is to provide innovative products and top quality service. This can range from commercial printers, copiers and scanners to cutting-edge software. We're in a great position to help legal firms streamline how they handle documents. 

Transfer Important Documents Quickly and Securely 

At EBS Copiers, we pride ourselves on our ability to help a range of sectors. We are an independent company, so we can tailor solutions to our clients’ requirements. We cater to legal software in our professional printing services. Our Samsung cloud connectors can import documents into your Office Management Systems [OMS]. This is compatible with a range of legal OMS, such as Mattersphere. 

This is as much about peace of mind as it is about convenience. We emphasise the role of technology in a productive and content work force. These connectors eliminate the risks of manual document importation. These can range from damage to the paper, to inaccurate data entry. Of course, we understand certain solutions may benefit some organisations more than others. That’s why our legal specialists can advise you on the ideal fit. 

Empowering Companies to Improve Resource Efficiency

Companies often spend time sifting through written communication to find what they need. Law practices can have email threads that take up dozens of pages. This effects productivity, costs and sustainability. Our software can be programmed to only print the most relevant or recent email. The option to print double-sided, or in monochrome, reduces wastage. At EBS Copiers, we are committed to helping companies become more sustainable. 

Our experience in corporate printing means we understand the impact of small delays. Solutions that save seconds in scanning and printing provide great value long-term. A great example of this is our dual scanning, which can process 160 pages per minute. 

Our Commitment to Ongoing Support 

At EBS, our mission to provide top-quality service doesn’t end when you purchase a product. 

It takes time for a company to become familiar with new products. We view this as a great opportunity to impart our expertise. We offer on-site training so your staff get to grips with equipment. This training is designed with minimal disruption to business-as-usual activities.

In the legal sector, the stakes can be high if there are technical difficulties. A lack of printing services can bring operations to a standstill. That’s why we offer a 12 month, fully-inclusive service contract. We are confident in our response times and first time fix rates, so you’re back up to speed as quickly as possible.