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Wide Format Printers

Large Format Printing, Scanning and Copying

Need to make some promotional material? Just 6 minutes after turning it on, you can start producing full-size banners, posters and trade show graphics with a large format printer.

Designers and artists can cover entire walls with their own wallpaper or murals. Your artwork and photographs will look perfect in homes and galleries thanks to KIP printers’ high resolution colour imaging technology. For designers in film and theatre, a single page up to 3.6 metres wide makes for an impressive backdrop.

Our wide format printers use dry toner and can print on waterproof materials. The lightfast technology stops discolouration from UV rays. Because these prints don’t run or fade, you can create your own vehicle image wraps.

If you work in a more technical profession, you’ll love the ability to make perfectly scaled electronic circuit schematics, architectural drawings and construction plans from your office. Here are just a few of the other things that make KIP wide format printers special:

  • Compact – space is a big concern when looking for a wide format printer. That’s why the KIP 800 series was designed to save space with a single footprint design.
  • Efficient – you can print up to 268 square metres an hour, in either colour or black and white.
  • Affordable – KIP printers are masterfully engineered with toner efficiency in mind, and the built-in software includes cost data reporting.
  • Intuitive – the touchscreen on the printers and native USB support make it quick and easy to plug in and print whatever you need in large sizes.

*Speed denotes number of pages printed per minute

Mono Speed* 2 5
Kip 700m Kip 7100
Make & Model Kip 700m Kip 7100
Paper Size A1 / A0A1 A0
Hard Drive