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Printing Innovation

Work anywhere. Print anytime.
Business doesn’t stop when workers leave the office. With Samsung printing, employees can connect their smart devices to Samsung printers wherever business happens, printing and receiving documents, scans and more—all without compromising security or control.

Smart printing. Smarter business.
Samsung printing adds efficiency to other smart devices by making them smarter. Smartphones, tablets, PCs and printers interact and share data seamlessly, without unnecessary steps that hinder workflow. Employees no longer have to adjust document formats because all the devices work synergistically as one unit to increase productivity.

Powerful collaboration. More Innovation.
Fostering creative collaboration across the workforce, Samsung innovation through printing is changing the way business works. Dynamic printing solutions enable multiple team members to use a single printer simultaneously. Colleagues can exchange ideas instantly, working at the speed of business.

*Speed denotes number of pages printed per minute

Mono Speed* 25 25 30 40
Samsung SL-K4250RX Samsung SL-K3250NR Samsung MultiXpress K4300LX Samsung SL-M4070
Make & Model Samsung SL-K4250RX Samsung SL-K3250NR Samsung MultiXpress K4300LX Samsung SL-M4070
Paper Size A4/A3A4/A3A4/A3A4
Fax OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Finishing OptionalOptionalOptional
Hard Drive OptionalOptional
Mono Speed* 40
Samsung SL-M4020ND
Make & Model Samsung SL-M4020ND
Paper Size A4
Hard Drive