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Interactive Whiteboards

Olivetti Interactive Whiteboards


The Olivetti OLIBOARD for education consists of a family of interactive whiteboards (IWB), format 4/3 and wide, from a wide selection of video projectors, a complete family of computers, desktops, laptops and tablet, and by a series of installation accessories specifically designed for the school environment. The package includes software for the use of whiteboards, installation services and maintenance, training courses for teachers and educational content.

The LIM OLIBOARD are characterised by their natural writing, fast and accurate, made with an electronic pen or the finger, depending on the models. The electromagnetic whiteboards, make use of electronic pens, ensure optimal ergonomics of writing; whiteboards "touch", you can use with your fingers, as well as pens, plus multi-touch commands similar to those used on tablets and smartphones.

The software of the standard equipment, plus a wide range of writing instruments, offers a complete set of advanced features: automatic recognition of handwritten text and geometric shapes, advanced tools for viewing, playback, recording, drawing , integration of images, video and multimedia objects. Lessons can be saved in various formats for later use and to distribute them to students and colleagues. For the sharing of lessons in real time and distance, is also available WIB, a WEB service -based, while the efficient allocation of lessons, the platform can be used OLISCHOOL, designed by Olivetti to integrate all components of the process of communication between school and family.

With Oliboard blackboards, each teacher can find answers to your specific needs Every school, class and method of teaching, improve the way they do lessons, stimulate active student participation.