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Full colour A4 prints or copies for just 1.5p!

Print Investigation:

A comprehensive assessment of printing output and requirements in your school.

We will highlight inefficient printers and printing habits and, through a combination of rationalising your printer fleet and training the users, potentially save your school thousands of pounds a year.

What Does It Involve?

A Print Investigation is a comprehensive assessment, taking into account all aspects of your school’s reprographics capabilities.

RISO-7150We carry out the following:

• Assess all spending on printing.

• Walk around the site to locate all printers, noting foot flow and users of the devices.

• Interview users of the printers.

• Review findings and propose where rationalisation is needed to harness and control costs, whilst still ensuring the new set-up best suits the users.

Why Should You Give Up Your Time To Participate?

Huge Savings:
Rationalising your school’s printing fleet will get rid of costly and inefficient printers, offering potential savings of thousands of pounds a year.

Time Efficient:
Following a brief tour of the school, our CRB qualified sales consultants can carry out a thorough assessment independently, taking up less of your time.

Free Assessment:
We don’t charge for the investigation, giving no obligation to buy and therefore offering a service with nothing to lose.


Camborne Science and Community College

Having participated in a Print Investigation, Camborne Science and Community College has rationalised its print facilities and has seen significant savings.

“RISO print solution reduces college production costs by 85%”You can find out more about RISO products here.

- Andrew Dodd

Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Camborne Science and Community College Chairman of NASBM

EBS are located in Norwich, Peterborough, Cambridge and Colchester. Please feel free to contact us and find out more.

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