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The Duplo DC-616 & DC-616 PRO


Product Showcase

The Duplo DC-616 & DC-616 PRO

At EBS this month, we are launching a new product, the Duplo DC-616. The Duplo DC-616 is the ultimate compact all-in-one finisher for on demand digital printers. It offers the perfect slit, cut and crease to digital documents. In a single pass, the DC-616 can perform:

  • 6 slits
  • 25 cuts
  • 20 creases
  • 2 perforations (with the optional perforation unit)

The DC-616 solves many common problems with digital printers. As a full-bleed digital finisher, it can finish documents without white borders. For many digital printers, the toner-based process creates cracks when the prints are folded. The DC-616’s creaser gives a precise fold, which has the added benefit of no toner cracking.


The DC-616 has a control panel, and you can store up to 80 different jobs in the memory. You can go even further with the optional PC Controller software. PC Controller, which comes standard with the PRO model, lets you operate the system from a PC. This includes a template library, which also allows you to save a virtually unlimited number of customised jobs.

The DC-616 PRO also comes standard with a CCD scanner. It can read barcodes to recall and change over to any job stored in the memory. The scanner can also read REG marks. Doing this compensates for image shift. That means sheets don’t have to be perfectly aligned with each other to get consistent results.

DC-616 or DC-616 PRO

Although the PC Controller software and CCD scanner come standard on the DC-616 PRO, they are also optional with the baseline DC-616. Here is a list of both versions’ features:


Standard Features

DC-616 PRO

Air knife

Card stacker

Fan registration

Semi-automatic gutter slit deflectors

3-step crease depth adjustment

Control panel


Ultrasonic double feed detection sensor


CCD scanner


PC Controller software


PC pole mount (with the purchase of a PC arm)


Perforating unit


Long paper tray



This all-in-one finisher is ideal for a wide range of full bleed applications. These are just some of the most common applications for the DC-616:

  • Greeting cards
  • Postcards
  • Invitations
  • Brochures
  • Book covers
  • Photos
  • Menus
  • 24-up business cards

Best of all, the DC-616 can finish all these applications on its own. Not all finishers have a slitter, a cutter and a creaser. The DC-616 can do it all, saving time and ensuring quality.

If you’re interested with what you’ve read, we have this finisher in stock right now. Contact us today for more details.

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